Getting white teeth is everybody’s desire!

Whiter teeth are a major aesthetic advantage, easy to achieve, at minimal cost and risk. Teeth’s whitening is a procedure used for over 100 years, which has gained popularity lately due to the impact projected by the television, by films and magazines, showing people with perfect, white teeth.

Clinical and laboratory studies alongside millions of patients treated have proved the efficiency and safety of using whitening products, these being applied and monitored by the dentist. Only a professional doctor is aware of the indications and contraindications of teeth whitening, of how this procedure must be performed and of which are the products that fit to each person, out of the variety on offer.

Our recommendation: do you want white teeth? Ask your dentist about it!

Before reaching for a teeth whitening method, regardless of the type of treatment chosen, the smile has to be clean and healthy. The dental cleaning treatment is precedent to any other dental handling.

For long lasting effects we recommend a balanced diet, correct brushing, flossing and semester visits for professional cleaning.