Unaesthetic colour and slightly crowded teeth
August 10, 2017
Orthodontic case and dental whitening
July 31, 2017

Ceramic crowns accompanied by the periodontal treatment

An incorrectly marginal adapted, unaesthetic, metalo-ceramic crowns

with severe periodontitis at upper incisors’ level.

Before treatment

The gum near the crown is inflamed and the normal pink colour has been made purplish-blue, has increased in volume and bleeds when brushing or touching. This problem is caused by the incorrectly made dental crown, which is too loose or too long. The food accumulated between the tooth and the gum cannot be removed, so bacteria develop which render the gum’s inflammation. In this case, the solutions are replacing the crown with another one, properly adapted, and correct cleaning.

The metallic tattoo of the gum is realized through the migration of the metal ions from a crown which has got metal in its composition, within the gum, coloring it permanently. This situation is not dangerous, but it causes aesthetic problems, difficult to remedy. It is necessary to replace the crown with one without the metal (all ceramic or zirconium supporting ones) and to apply specialized local treatment (connective tissue transplant, mucous flap with hyaluronic acid).

After treatment

The periodontal treatment has been performed and after the gum has been cured, 4 ceramic crowns on zirconium supporting structure have been done.