All ceramic crown on the central right incisor
April 26, 2017
Ceramic crowns on zirconium supporting structure
April 25, 2017

All ceramic crowns

for the two premolars and the upper molar with extensive crown destruction and colour alteration.

Before treatment

A devitalized tooth is that which no longer possesses the nerve, which has been removed (through endodontic treatment) due to bacterial infection or profound decay. As a result of this treatment, the tooth is no longer vascularized and it becomes lifeless; hence, the changes in colour- towards grey, and the fragility of the tooth. It becomes breakable and cracks or fractures of the tooth’s walls may appear and even extend towards the root, determining its extraction.

After treatment

In order to protect and prolong the life of these pulpless teeth and to restore their aesthetics, it is recommended to cover them with crown made in the lab (‘porcelain teeth’).