Partially acrylic dentures
June 11, 2017
Crowded teeth case
May 31, 2017

Upper and lower teeth protrusion

The treatment lasted for 23 months; the premolars have been extracted and a fixed bimaxillary metallic appliance has been used.

Before treatment

The upper and lower frontal teeth are situated too far ahead (protrusion). The physiognomic aspect is affected as there is an increased visibility of the teeth and the lips are tensioned whenever the mouth closes –the lower lip is turned down and gets sucked in under the maxillary teeth.

During treatment

In order to reduce the visibility of the upper incisors, 2 orthodontic mini implants have been applied in the area of the upper left and right molars and have been pulled along upwards and towards behind the upper incisors.

After treatment

At the end of the treatment, there is noticeably a retruded position of the incisors, without having affected the fullness of the lips or flattening the face. There is a pleasant balance between the lips and the soft parts are no longer tensed during the smile. A fixed contention has been applied behind the lower incisors and also the maxillary contention mouth guard has been employed. The photos are taken two years after the removal of the fixed appliance.