When a tooth is compromised (very damaged or shows periodontal complications) it should be extracted. It can be replaced by inserting a dental implant or a dental bridge. If the lost tooth is not replaced in good time, migrations of the adjacent and antagonist teeth or bone atrophy can occur, which further complicate the treatment plan.

Another commonly used procedure is the apical resection –a surgical method which consists of the extirpation of the dental apex together with the surrounding infected tissue, being sometimes preceded by the correct endodontic treatment and by the perfect obturation of the canal.

In our practice the following types of surgery are performed

  • Dental extractions;
  • Alveoloplastic extractions;
  • Alveolar ridge regularizations;
  • Apical resections;
  • Extractions of teeth included in the bone;
  • Premolarisations;
  • Discoveries of included teeth;
  • Dental implants;
  • Orthodontic mini implants.