The orthodontic treatment aims at improving the appearance of one’s smile, as well as the occlusion (the bite), so that the teeth could bear the regular daily strain employed during mastication, without trauma.

Beautiful and healthy teeth

The orthodontic treatments that fit into this category are characterized by two elements:

  1. The force that displaces teeth is performed by an elastic arch, made of stainless steel and of varied shapes;
  2. They are applied and removed by the patient (as they are not agglutinated to the teeth).

Their design can vary according to the pursued therapeutic treatment: the palatinate plate covers the roof of the mouth, and has supporting elements and elastic arches.

At our practice, we use this type of palatinate plate braces for issues which require immediate therapeutic intervention: reverse headgear, open occlusions, crossing occlusions.

The advantages of mobile braces:

  • They allow a precocious treatment, before all teeth are changed. They capture the abnormalities of the maxillary teeth area, in an early stage, and stop the evolution towards more serious, sometimes irreversible problems.
  • The costs are not high;
  • They can be easily modified or repaired;
  • Easy to adapt to, in just a few days;
  • They do not have negative effects on teeth. If the force is too high, they detach from the teeth and cannot be worn again.

Major disadvantages: they do not allow recoveries of some teeth and can be taken out of the mouth by young patients. The results depend on how conscientious one is.