Do you wish for a spectacular improvement of your smile?
Then, the Veeners are the answer to that.

The Dental Veeners are thin ceramic foils that stick to the teeth’s surface. They haves a reduced thickness and are a conservative option, also minimally invasive, compared to the dental crowns. They require polishing-removing of the tooth or can be applied even without it being prepared (nonprep facets).

The purpose that the veeneres hold is to make your teeth look amazing, the way you want them to be, by correcting colour deviations, their shape and position, thereby secretly misleading any gazer.

An impression is taken, send to dental laboratory. After the lab fabricate them, the doctor stick the veneers to the visible side of the tooh. These have a very reduced thickness, between 0,5-1 mm and they integrate perfectly in order to solve the already existent tooth issues.

Types of dental issues corrected by veeners:

  • Cracked, fragmented or split teeth;
  • The existence of diastema, well known as “gap”;
  • Teeth that are too short, or of unattractive shape and abraded;
  • Unaesthetic colorations of teeth due to medical treatments with substances such as tetracycline, or caused by alimentary habits, age, previous interventions on the respective teeth (older obturations), or any other coloration that doesn’t cease after teeth whitening.

Benefits of the treatment with Veeners:

  • Immediate results;
  • The teeth gain the shade of white wished for;
  • Colour stability over time, compared to the whitening which is a procedure that has to be repeated after a period passing.
  • The ceramic veeners are biologically integrated, there is no type of allergic reaction due to the biocompatibility of the ceramics with the gingival tissues.
  • They are an alternative to braces, employed to correct the spacing or slight crowdedness of the teeth;
  • They are a conservative option, minimally invasive compared to the dental crowns;
  • They are easy to maintain;
  • They are imperceptible.

As for their maintenance, after they have been applied, the ceramic veeners are very resistant and a normal diet would not affect them, a true benefit for those of you who frequently consume coffee, red wine, tea or tobacco, all being products which would normally affect the natural teeth colour. Dental porcelain is truly enduring, but in some situations, like abnormal pressures, it can cease, the facet getting fragmented or broken. This is the reason why biting tough foods ought to be avoided.

Supplementary maintenance treatments are not necessary, except for adequate brushing, flossing, and semester visits for professional cleaning.