General Dentistry



Photopolymerizable filling (composite seal)



Whitening trays

Temporary tooth filling

Temporary tooth extraction


Temporary tooth disinfecting dressing

Emergency treatment (consultation, anesthesia, soothing dressing or drainage)

Children's brushing instruction, hygiene, fluoridation


Temporary acrylic crown made in lab

Temporary acrylic crown made in cabinet

Metal-ceramic crown (porcelain tooth)

Whole ceramic crown

Zirconium ceramic crown (zirconia tooth)

Monolitic Zirconium crown

Ceramic crown on the implant

Partial acrylic protease

Total acrylic protease

Skeletal prosthesis

Liner prosthesis

Whitening trays

Simple Bruxism trays

Bruxism trays with plan

Whitening trays for joints in centric relation

Fiberglass pivot reinforcement + dual composite reconstitution


Veneer nonprep


Metallic Dcr

Dcr zirconium

Wax up / tooth

Removal of old crowns/tooth

Muscle relaxing trays

Removal of old crowns/tooth



Specialist consultation

Teleradiography analysis

Imprints + Study Patterns

Lingual bar

Palatinal bar

Nance Bar

Arc facial + head gear

Delaire Mask

Bubble + chapel

Mobile braces

Control + enable mobile device



Twin block

Fixed braces with Pitts self-binding brackets

Control + activation fixed braces with Pitts self-binding bracketst

Fixed contention

Mobil contention

Orthodontic contention tray

Fixed retainers fiberglass

Removing Fixed Braces and bimaxillary contentions

Specialized Endodontics

1-channel vital pulp and root canal obstruction *

2-channel vital pulp and root canal obstruction *

3-channel vital pulp and root canal obstruction *

4-channel vital pulp and root canal obstruction *

Pulpectomy for wisdom tooth and root fillings *

Intermediate meeting for cases with high difficulty (curved roots, locked roots ...) or infection *

1-channel teeth restoration and root filling *

2-channel teeth restoration and root filling *

3-channel teeth restoration and root filling *

4-channel teeth restoration and root filling *

Tooth reconstruction destroyed before treatment on canals

Metal pivot removal from the channel

* The price does not include the coronary filling



Specialized consultation (surgery)

Emergency treatment

Incision + drainage + washings with antiseptic solutions

Treatment of pericoronitis

Alveolitis treatment

Surgical treatments

Single tooth extraction

Extraction of pluriradicular tooth

Alveoloplastic extraction with root separation

Extraction with alveolotomy

Molar mining exploded on the arcade

Coronary elongation

Odontectomy (wisdom tooth extraction included in bone)

Odontectomy included canine

Discovery included canine


Plast comunication oro-antral

Chistectomy without bone addition material

Apical - frontal resection

Apical resection - premolars

Apical resection - molars

Freckle / frenoplasty frenal labia / clamp

Gingivectomy / tooth

Molar decapusonation of mind


Tube harvesting for A-PRF, I-PRF


Dental Implant Megagen Anyone

Premium Dental Implant Megagen Anyridge

Implant Detection and discovery / Healing Screw

Internal Sinus Lift

External Sinus Lift

Bone addition (the price varies depending on the amount and and type of graft) ​

Sampling connective tissue graft Covering gingival retraction (tunneling technique)


Periodontal consultation (periodontal survey)

Bleed and plaque indices, instruction, airflow

Sanitation training

Periodic reassessment (bleeding indices + plaque indices + periodontometry)

Maintenance phase package (bleeding indices + plaque indices + periodontometry + scaling + laser decontamination)

Laser decontamination (whole mouth)

Periodontal abscess treatment ​

Dental immobilization (composite and fiberglass)

Closed field curettage / tooth

Closed field curettage + laser


Gingivo-osteoplasty / tooth (coronary elongation)

Surgery with flap (oped flap debridement)

Dento-gingivo-osteoplasty (root amputation)

Regenerative Surgery

Alveolar gingival remodeling before upper frontal group prosthetic treatment

* The listed prices are related to the labor, without the regenerative materials, they are paid at the market price


Biolase X Epic Laser Treatment

Laser whitening

Disinfection (bacterial gingival decontamination)

Desensitization herpes, thrush

Biostimulation, pain therapy

Disinfection of root canals

Curettage of periodontal pockets

Gingival reconstitution, coronary elongation

Implant Uncovering




The listed rates have informative value and can be updated according to market and exchange rate trends. The final rates will be those displayed on the day of the medical services and can be consulted in the office or at the phone: + 40-740-610.930, e-mail: [email protected].

However, we'll keep track of the current tariff list and any updates will be announced in advance.