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A healthy smile. A beautifull smile

Cosmetic dentistry has emerged as a result of people’s wishes of having a more beautiful and natural smile, so as to improve their self-esteem and to be considered as attractive as possible. Initially accessible only to Hollywood stars, the dental aesthetic techniques are now reachable to all without overly high costs and with spectacular results.

Alongside general dental and prevention treatments, the aesthetic dentistry focuses on the improvement of the general aspect of a person’s teeth and mouth, resulting in a beautiful and healthy smile.

The duration of a cosmetic dentistry treatment varies from one procedure to another, being mostly influenced by the teeth’s condition before proceeding to the treatment.

The materials used for cosmetic dental restoration are the all ceramics and zirconium. They mimic the tooth’s natural structure perfectly well, also they are resistant in time, biocompatible and a normal died would not affect them. Moreover, supplementary maintenance treatment is not necessary, except for correct brushing, flossing and regular visits for professional cleaning.

Types of dental issues corrected by means of dental aesthetics:

  • Cracked, fragmented or split teeth;
  • Missing teeth;
  • Teeth that are too short, of unattractive shape and abraded;
  • Teeth with heterogeneous texture;
  • Asymmetric teeth;
  • The existence of diastema, well known as “gap”;
  • Slightly crowded teeth;
  • Abrasion and dental erosion;
  • Dental traumatism;
  • Dental decays;
  • Unaesthetic, older cavity fillings, made of metal, or which have left visible, dark-coloured stains on teeth;
  • Unaesthetic colorations of teeth due to medical treatments with substances such as tetracycline, or caused by alimentary habits, age, previous interventions on the respective teeth (older obturations), or any other coloration that does not cease after teeth withening.