The orthodontic treatment supportsthe betterment of mastication and phonation, leads to a decrease in teeth migration, also to the improvement of the periodontal brace, and reduces all issues associated with included or absent teeth.

Beautiful healthy teeth

Fixed braces have become so perfected that they can solve difficult cases, including those addressing the adults. The major advantage is the production of fine tooth movement in all spatial plans, impossible to achieve with mobile braces. They can be used for both children and adults..

Fixed braces are fitted onto the teeth and cannot be removed by the patients as they please, so wearing them is permanent. They are easy to wear and to adapt to and they do not impede mastication or speech. Fixed braces are placed on the visible side of the teeth and can be of many types: metallic, aesthetic, or porcelain. The orthodontic devices have become much more discreet since the early years of their appearance. The mini brackets are discreet, facilitate the hygiene and reduce the patient’s unease. However, these might have unfavorable effects also if the doctor recommendations are not followed exactly and the hygiene is poor; the chances of diseases like white spots on the teeth, decays, gingivitis and gingival repercussion, are increased.

The structure of the fixed braces


The brackets

They are bond with cement on the teeth’s surface. Brackets can be made of metal or ceramic material and they will reproduce the natural colour of the teeth; they are fixed on the visible or hidden surface of the teeth.

The arch

The arches are the main active elements which trigger the orthodontic force. An arch is connected to all the brackets and produces the necessary impulsion that can arrange/move the teeth in correct position. The ultramodern alloys allow the removal of teeth at minimal discomfort and are highly efficient due to their elasticity and shape memory.

The metallic ring

It is cemented on the rear teeth.

The ligature

The arch is maintained on every bracket through one ligature that can be made out of elastic or metallic wire. Coloured ligatures are very popular among children .

The elastics

They are used between the upper and the lower arcades and help the upper and lower teeth find the perfect position and a better “bite”.

How do fixed braces function?

Fixed braces remain the most accurate and efficient manner of controlling the dental motion and having a beautiful smile. Fixed braces have 3 important components: the brackets (which are fitted onto the teeth), the arches (which are fixed in brackets) and auxiliary elements (like elastics). The bracket determines the final position of the tooth. The arch acts as a motor and generates the necessary forces to initiate and support dental movements.