All ceramic crowns

All ceramic crown
December 3, 2017
Complete tooth restauration
October 24, 2017

Teeth affected by abrasion and erosion

Teeth lost much of their structure because of wear. They become unattractive and apeared functional problems. The treatment was minimally invasive: all ceramics bonded restorations on unprepared teeth.

Before treatment

Bruxism is when you rubb or grind the teeth during daytime or when sleepling. As you can see in photos below the teeth are abrazed and lost a lot of dental structure. Bruxism produce headackes, muscular pain and limitation when opening the mouth.

After treatment

The teeth were not prepared, tooth structure was not removed, only an accurate impression was done. In the lab, the technician created these thin ceramic foils: nonprep veneers and crowns. They replace the lost dental structure and have a reduce thickness, starting from 0,1-0,2 mm.

The ceramic restorations were bonded on teeth by a special adhesive technique. The result: beautifull and strong restorations.

These type of all all ceramic restorations (veneers or crowns) represents a conservative and mimimally invasive procedures to restore damaged teeth.

By correct luting procedure, these all bonded porcelain restorations are highy aesthetic, acts as a unit structure with the underlying teeth, have strength to last in time.